247 The brand

247 is a team of racing car mechanics, fabricators, performance parts specialists and avid racing and performance enthusiasts with over 40 years of combined experience in the hose and fittings industry. Our 247 brand has been involved with the some of the biggest racing and performance brands on the market today. 

Our team at 247 have personally plumbed some of Australia's fastest drag cars, street cars and elite show cars. 

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247 Wholesale prices

At 247, we're bringing our quality, service and knowledge of racing and performance, and offering this direct to our clients and followers at wholesale prices. 

We also stock our own range, so check these out while you're here!

We're real people located in Australia and New Zealand with a genuine passion for helping others with their performance needs.  


247 Quality

All our fittings are made from 6061-T6 and CNC'd to the highest standards.

 We don't just sell hose and fittings, we know all about hose and fittings.

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Meet the team

Our dedicated people who are here to support you with any problems or questions

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